Women in Sports

These women athletes have two things in common. Talent and drive. In order to be the best, they gave up everything to devote 100% time and effort to develop their skills. Be inspired by these women and decide if you have what they have. Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton, a talented teen surfer, … More Women in Sports

MG Books About Kids With ADD, OCD and Anxiety

Kids love to see themselves in the books they read. It’s comforting to know they’re not alone. Check out these books about kids who struggle with mental challenges. Focused by Alyson Gerber Clea wants to do well in school, but she struggles with the basics, like doing her homework, staying organized, getting places on time. … More MG Books About Kids With ADD, OCD and Anxiety

Vietnam War Stories

No war in history has stirred up as much controversy as the Vietnam War. A war that lasted 10 years and ended in American defeat. A war commanded by three presidents. A war that enlisted 25% of its soldiers through the draft. It was a tactical nightmare of jungle warfare unlike any America had ever … More Vietnam War Stories

Middle Grade Books About Summer Vacation

Oh, the sweet memories of summer vacation. Lazy days on the beach. Canoe rides on the lake. Summer theatre. Siblings. Cousins. Grandparents. Summer friends. Long rides in the car. Sunshine. Rain. Books. Return to those memories with these favorites. Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes Martha always looks forward to summer vacation with her family on … More Middle Grade Books About Summer Vacation

Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases

Throughout history infectious diseases have caused widespread epidemics, killing millions at a time. Until doctors began to understand what caused disease there was no stopping them. Once they figured it out, along with an understanding of how they spread, they could get down to the business of eradicating disease. The detective work it took to … More Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases