Realistic Fiction

Middle Grade Basketball Stories

Kids who like sports books need look no further than Mike Lupica. He writes stories about basketball, football and baseball. He has several series that cover all three sports. They are Game Changers, Comeback Kids, and Home Team. This list covers a variety of different writing styles for different ages and are sure to satisfy young sports fans.

Athlete vs. Mathlete by W. C. Mack (series)


Owen and Russell are fraternal twins. They are great friends, but have little in common. Owen is a basketball star. Russel is a brainiac. When the new coach sees how tall Russell is and demands that he try out for the team, Owen is willing to give him some pointers. But when Russell realizes he has some skill in blocking, Owen’s jealousy gets the best of him.

The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman (series)


Eddie has met his match in Annie. She can sink any shot. When both their parents lose their jobs, he and Annie decide to enter a poetry contest to win a chance to make a million dollar shot at the NBA finals. Someone is trying to sabotage his chances, but he is determined to nail it.

A Whole New Ball Game by Phil Bildner (series)


Rip and Red are looking forward to 5th grade and basketball tryouts. Rip has dreadlocks and Red has autism. Despite their differences, they are great friends. On the first day of school they don’t what to think of the new teacher. He has long hair, tattoos, and unconventional teaching methods. When the same teacher shows up to coach basketball, they know they are in for big surprises.

Crossover by Kwame Alexander (series)


Josh and Jordan are twin basketball stars. They are best friends who do everything together. When Josh is distracted by a new girlfriend, Jordan gets jealous and vents his frustration on the court. When he’s suspended from the team, his chance to be in the playoff may not happen. Written in verse.

Travel Team by Mike Lupica


Danny Walker is short, but he knows how to play basketball. When he is cut from the travel team over kids who aren’t as good, Danny’s dad, Rich, is sure it is an excuse to get back at him. The travel team coach and Rich were rivals back in high school. Rich steps up to coach a rival travel team with Danny as the star player.

Play Makers by Mike Lupica (series)


Ben and his team have just come off an amazing championship game in football. Now they are hoping to do the same in basketball. The problem is rival, Chase Braggs. His ego and nonsportsmanlike behavior is getting in Ben’s head and their team is losing. Ben must get his head back in the game or his team is going to lose.

Last Shot by John Feinstein (series)


Stevie and Susan Carol win a contest that allows them press access to the Final Four championship game. While backstage, they overhear a player being blackmailed to throw the game. When they report back to the lead newsmen, they don’t offer any help to the young reporters, so they decide to investigate and uncover the truth on their own.

Fade Away by Maura Ellen Stokes


Sam and Reagan are best friends both on and off the court. When Reagan suddenly dies, Sam is grief-stricken. She is having a hard time moving on with her life without her friend. School is tanking, basketball isn’t the same and Sam is feeling Reagan’s presence a little too strongly. Sam must learn to move on with her life despite the loss of her best friend.

Tall Story by Candy Gourlay


Andi is a short girl, but she loves basketball. Since her school doesn’t have a girls’ basketball team, the best she can get is practice time with the boys’ team. She is excited when she learns that her Pilipino half-brother has finally received clearance from the British government to move to London. She knows he is tall, but 8ft. tall is more than she bargained for.

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