Middle Grade Fractured Fairytales

Fractured fairytales are the latest and greatest in fairytale literature. They present themselves in many different ways. Some are set in modern times. Some combine many tales into one. Some crossover between reality and make-believe. Fairytales continue to be very popular with all ages. Check out these books for a modern twist on an old favorite.

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley (series)


Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are descended from the famous Grimm brothers. All the fairytale characters are immortal and now live in Fairyport, NY. Things are constantly going amuck and their grandmother is a detective who solves crimes committed by the bad characters. A giant is on the loose, their grandmother has been kidnapped, and it’s up to the girls to solve the crime and find their grandmother.

Half Upon a Time by James Riley (series)


When May falls through a fiery portal and lands at Jack’s feet, she insists that he help find her kidnapped grandmother, Snow White. Jack obliges and off they go into the Black Forest chased by a giant. They eventually are also accompanied by a wolfman and Prince Philip. They are on a quest to find the magic mirror which will tell them where Snow White is being held captive. Many iconic fairytales characters have supporting roles.

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer (series)


Twins Alex and Connor are leading a typical, but sad life after their father dies. This changes when their grandmother gives them an enchanted book of fairytales. The book is a portal to fairytale land and they quickly find themselves inside the book. In their quest to find nine enchanted objects for the wishing spell, they meet the fairytale characters they’ve grown up with.

A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz (series)


This is truly a dark tale. Grisly comes to mind. Hansel and Gretel run away from home to find better parents. They jump from home to home, trying to find a better life without success. Appendages are cut off, murders are witnessed, children are boiled, Hansel becomes a wolf, and dragons are slayed. Full of adventure. Just be prepared for the gore.

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani (series)


Every year for the past 200 years, kids have been kidnapped to attend the School for Good and Evil to be trained in villainy or heroism. Sophie has worked hard at being a perfect girl, so she can become a fairytale princess. Her unattractive, cynical, friend Agatha doesn’t want any part of it. As it happens, both girls are kidnapped, but Sophie is dropped in the School for Evil and Agatha is dropped in the school for Good. Has a mistake been made or is each girl where she truly belongs?

Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst (series)

Layout 1

Julie’s mother is Rapunzel, her grandmother is a witch, and there’s an ominous vine stashed under her bed. It doesn’t make sense to her until the vine escapes and engulfs the town. The wild is back and new fairytales are being written. Julie must go in and rescue her mother while taking caution to prevent becoming a permanent character in fairytale land.

Flunked by Jen Calonita (series)


Gilly is a cobbler’s daughter living in a shoe in Enchantasia. Since her father is not making enough to feed the family, Gilly resorts to thievery. She’s caught and sent to Fairytale Reform School, headed up by Cinderella’s reformed stepmother. She’s a free spirit and gets under the skin of one professor in particular, Snow White’s evil stepmother. Something’s not right and rather than lay low, Gilly decides to piece together the strange events going on at FTRS.

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman (series)


The New York Circulating Materials Repository lends objects from books, not the books themselves. As a new employee, Elizabeth is excited when she is finally given access to the Grimm Collection. The evil queen’s mirror is there along with the invisibility cloak from the 12 princesses, but some of the objects aren’t working. It appears someone is stealing the real objects and replacing them with fakes.

Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly


Belle is being held captive in the Beast’s palace. Things are improving and he gives her permission to use the library. She finds a mysterious book that is a portal to a beautiful place called Nevermore. She meets the countess who tries to convince her to stay forever. Each time Belle visits, it’s harder to return to reality. What Belle doesn’t know is that the Countess is not who she seems and she has made a bet on Belle’s life.

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