Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Series For 4th Grade Boys

What to do when you’ve outgrown early elementary series, but aren’t quite ready for middle grade? Check out these excellent bridge series. Whether you like historical fiction, realistic fiction, or fantasy, there’s a book for everyone on this list. Even though these are targeted for boys, girls will enjoy them as well. Danger and excitement are waiting.


Ranger in Time by Kate Messner

Ranger is a present day golden retriever who travels back in time via a portal from his first aid box to rescue people from peril. He finds himself on the Oregon Trail, in Ancient Rome, on a southern slave plantation, and a south pole expedition. Perfect move-up book for fans of the Magic Treehouse series. 10 books as of 2019.

I Survived by Lauren Tarshis

Very popular series. Each book follows a character trying to survive a perilous event from history. Topics include Gettysburg, the American Revolution, the Titanic, Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese Tsunami and more. 19 books as of 2019.

Baseball Card Adventures by Dan Gutman

The perfect historical series for sports fans. In each book, Joe finds a baseball card that whisks him back in time to the greatest moments in baseball history. The series kicks off with Honus Wagner and keeps getting better with Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Shoeless Joe, Mickey Mantle and others. 12 books in series.


Survivor Diaries by Terry Lynn Johnson

A new fiction series about kids surviving in some of earth’s most unforgiving environments. Kids find themselves lost in a rainforest, stranded in the ocean, buried in an avalanche and caught in a dust storm. 4 books as of 2019.

Hank Zipzer by Henry Winkler

School is not Hank’s thing. He’s not good at it. He’s unorganized, his handwriting is messy, and getting his thoughts down on paper is near impossible. In each book, Hank tackles another school pitfall while dealing with the unforgiving teacher and principal. You’ll love his humor and good nature. 17 books in series.

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

Siblings Evan and Jessie have always been great friends, but when Jessie skips ahead to 4thgrade, Evan is humiliated. He decides to distance himself from Jessie, and run a lemonade stand without her. She’s not letting him get away with it and becomes his fiercest competitor. This is war. 5 books in series. 

Andrew Clements Books by Andrew Clements

Though not actually a series, Clements books have a similar feel, dealing with some crazy school scenarios. Twins pretend to be one person. A boy invents a new word to see if it will catch on. Boys challenge the girls to a “no talking” contest. A smart girl sacrifices her grades to prove a point. Each book is around 100 pages. About 10 books with similar looking covers. 


Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony Diterlizzi

After their father leaves, the Grace family moves into their Great Aunt Lucinda’s decrepit mansion. In an attic room, Jared finds a field guide to the faery world. Though warned not to open it, he does anyway and unleashes a trove of dangerous creatures. Excellent introduction to the fantasy genre. Each book is around 100 pages. 5 books in series.

The Imaginary Veterinary by Suzanne Selfors

This is a lesser known series for kids who love mythical creatures. Dr. Woo runs an undercover hospital for sick creatures. Ben and Pearl are apprentices who must remain hush about the whole operation. They’ll encounter a sasquatch, lake monster, leprechaun, dragon, unicorn and many other creatures that need their ailments cured. 6 books as of 2019.

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