Fantasy, Nonfiction, Realistic Fiction

Middle Grade Christian Books

From fantasy to realism, fiction to nonfiction, middle grade to YA, there are inspirational books out there with characters exploring their Christian faith. They aren’t always easy to find, so I’ve done the leg work for you. Choose your genre. These are my favorites.


The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer

Four kids are swept into a spiritual realm where they receive the armor needed to fight against evil forces. They are given scripture based instructions to help them. First they must choose a gate, where they will find that things are not always as they seem.

Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

Jonah and Eliza have just learned that their mom is a nephilim, offspring of a human and fallen angel. Because of this, they have powerful supernatural gifts. When their mom is kidnapped by the dark forces, they, and their guardian angel, must fight against the dark creatures and fallen angels in Manhattan’s spiritual realm. 


My Name is River by Wendy Dunham

River lives with her grandmother since she was abandoned by both her biological AND adoptive parents. On her first day in a new school she is paired with Billy, a pastor’s son, on a school project. They become best friends, but that friendship is threatened by Robert, the class bully, who leads the story to a very sad ending.

In Between by Jenny B. Jones

Katie Parker would rather stay in her group home than face the unknown in foster care, like a pastor foster dad. Right off the bat, Katie sabotages her good fortune by choosing the wrong crowd and must work her way back into the good graces of the nicest people she’s ever known.

Drive-Thru Miracle by Dana Edwards

11-year-old Mae has her hands full this summer. She’s spying on her friends at the evening prayer drive-thru, planning how she can help Miss Fannie start a cookie business, exchanging words with the class bully, and trying to be more understanding of her disabled sister.


Imagine…The Great Flood by Matt Koceich

As book 1 in this series opens, Corey is zapped back in time to witness Noah’s son, Shem, rounding up a couple of lions. Before long he runs into a giant race called the nephilim who are working with a couple of unrighteous humans to destroy Corey and Noah’s family. Similar in style to the “I Survived” series.

The Dead Sea Squirrels by Mike Nawrocki

Michael and Justin are on an exciting Israel trip with Michael’s archeologist dad when Michael finds something quite peculiar in a cave. Two mummified squirrels he’s determined to get back to Tennessee. A good series for kids who don’t like to read.


Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was a talented young surfer when her world changed. While surfing alone early one morning a shark attacked her, ripping off her arm. She survived, and with God’s help, she fought her way back to compete in the surfing world championships.

Miracles From Heaven by Christy Beam

Annabel Beam was born with a diseased intestinal tract that would not move food. Her quality of life was so compromised that at age 9 she wanted to die. It all changed the day she fell 30 feet INSIDE the interior of a tree. It took 3 1/2 hours to rescue her. From that moment forward, she was cured from a disease doctors said was incurable.

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