Who am I?

I am a school librarian, but more importantly, a bona fide book lover. My favorite books are those written for grades 4-8 because they are funny, innocent, and magical. I don’t have enough hours in the day to read all the books I want to read. I consider reading books the most important part of what I do. When I match a kid with a book they love, I’ve moved them one step closer to being a life long reader.

Why do I blog?

My goal as a blogger is to help librarians, teachers, parents, and of course, myself find books that will appeal to kids. You can’t possibly read them all and you need a good source to help you make informed decisions. Dollars spent on books are precious and you don’t want to waste any of them. Plus, you may only have one chance to turn a kid on to books.

What do I blog about?

I blog about books that will appeal to middle grade readers, which roughly spans grades 5-8. Over the years I have found that my success, as a librarian, is directly related to the number of books I read. I blog about topics that interest kids, both fiction and nonfiction. If a student asks about a topic I haven’t blogged about yet, it sparks a reading frenzy in me, so I’ll be ready the next time. I have personally read every book that appears in this blog. I’ve also read many books that didn’t make the cut. Hopefully, you will agree with my recommendations. If you would like me to blog a list for a topic that interests you, send me an email.