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Middle Grade Christian Books

From fantasy to realism, fiction to nonfiction, middle grade to YA, there are inspirational books out there with characters exploring their Christian faith. They aren't always easy to find, so I've done the leg work for you. Choose your genre. These are my favorites. FANTASY The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer Four kids are swept… Continue reading Middle Grade Christian Books

Realistic Fiction

African-American Books for Boys

There's some darn good writing going on in the books that made this list. There's something for everyone. In addition to traditional prose novels, there's also a graphic novel and a book written in verse, both Newbery winners. There's a National Book Award finalist and two Coretta Scott King honor books. My personal favorite is… Continue reading African-American Books for Boys

Realistic Fiction

MG Books About Kid Entrepreneurs

Who says kids can't make money? These kids did. Follow them through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. With a little creativity and smart-thinking, you might just be on your way to some hard-earned cash. Comic books. Lemonade stands. Babysitting. Baking. Repairing things. Whatever your interest. There's a way to make money doing it. Lunch… Continue reading MG Books About Kid Entrepreneurs

Realistic Fiction

Friends, Enemies, and Crushes

Drama. What's middle school without the "D" word? We hate it. We love it. Throw together some friends and enemies. Top it off with a crush or two. Voila. Instant drama. If you're looking for middle school disasters, mix-ups, and competitions, all of that is also in store for you with any of these picks.… Continue reading Friends, Enemies, and Crushes

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Series For 4th Grade Boys

What to do when you've outgrown early elementary series, but aren't quite ready for middle grade? Check out these excellent bridge series. Whether you like historical fiction, realistic fiction, or fantasy, there's a book for everyone on this list. Even though these are targeted for boys, girls will enjoy them as well. Danger and excitement… Continue reading Series For 4th Grade Boys

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Series For 4th Grade Girls

4th grade is the year when kids are moving out of elementary books (K-3) and into middle grade books (5-8). Some kids need more time to acclimate to the lengthy, descriptive, middle grade books. These series are sweetly entertaining, with characters in grades 6-8, but with reading levels for grades 3-4. Definite winners for fun… Continue reading Series For 4th Grade Girls

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Books About Magicians and Carnivals

You don't have to look any further than AGT to know Americans love magic. Magician Shin Lim stole the show in 2018 and Americans voted him the winner. Secretly, we probably all wish we could perform magic. While you work on that, check out these fantastic stories about young magicians and the magical worlds they… Continue reading Books About Magicians and Carnivals


Books for Budding Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be rich. The good news is everyone has a shot. If you have enough smarts, motivation, and perseverance there's no reason why you can't achieve it. Smarts. Motivation. Perseverance. Not words to take lightly. Check out these books on modern entrepreneur icons. Then read up on how you can get your own… Continue reading Books for Budding Entrepreneurs

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MG Books Set in Motels/Inns

There's something about motels and inns. The adventure of being away from home. A place to rest after exploring new places. Interesting people. Are you with me? Whether you're more interested in the mom and pop roadside motel or the grand hotel in the country, there's an adventure waiting on the pages of these highly… Continue reading MG Books Set in Motels/Inns

Historical Fiction

MG Books Set During the Great Depression

After the roaring 20s came the economic slump of the 1930s. Millions of people could not make ends meet. Worsening the problem was the midwest drought that forced families to leave behind their homes and belongings in search of a better life. Other struggles during that time were the racial inequalities in the south and… Continue reading MG Books Set During the Great Depression

Historical Fiction

MG Stories Set in East Asia

China, Korea, and Japan have their histories. There's China with its Cultural Revolution that killed millions. Japan and its power grab of Korea, then Pearl Harbor. Perhaps most disturbing is the inhumanity in North Korea that continues as this is written. These books will give you a better understanding of the modern conflicts that have… Continue reading MG Stories Set in East Asia

Realistic Fiction

MG Books About Kids With ADD, OCD and Anxiety

Kids love to see themselves in the books they read. It's comforting to know they're not alone. Authors have become a significant force in bringing awareness of the mental challenges kids face. It's not easy dealing with or understanding ADD, OCD and anxiety, but these books help bring about some clarity and hopefully empathy. Focused… Continue reading MG Books About Kids With ADD, OCD and Anxiety