Fantasy, Nonfiction, Realistic Fiction

Middle Grade Christian Books

From fantasy to realism, fiction to nonfiction, middle grade to YA, there are inspirational books out there with characters exploring their Christian faith. They aren't always easy to find, so I've done the leg work for you. Choose your genre. These are my favorites. FANTASY The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer Four kids are swept… Continue reading Middle Grade Christian Books


Books for Budding Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to be rich. The good news is everyone has a shot. If you have enough smarts, motivation, and perseverance there's no reason why you can't achieve it. Smarts. Motivation. Perseverance. Not words to take lightly. Check out these books on modern entrepreneur icons. Then read up on how you can get your own… Continue reading Books for Budding Entrepreneurs


Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases

Throughout history infectious diseases have caused widespread epidemics, killing millions at a time. Until doctors began to understand what caused disease there was no stopping them. The detective work it took to bring down these biological villains is fascinating. Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary by Gail Jarrow When the wealthy Warren family contracted Typhoid… Continue reading Middle Grade Books About Acquired Diseases


Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction

Survival stories are high drama, high adventure, high entertainment. Everyone, including kids, loves a good survival story. Tod Olson is claiming the space with his Lost series for its easy narration packed with details. Once you've tackled those, get started on the rest of this A-list of real people facing the biggest challenges of their… Continue reading Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction


Middle Grade Civil Rights Nonfiction

Even as the United States condemned Hitler and the Holocaust, political leaders in the south held fast to the idea that black people were inferior to white people. Policemen, the KKK, and most white people in the south ignored U.S. integration laws and continued to demoralize black people. This list captures the major resistance events… Continue reading Middle Grade Civil Rights Nonfiction


Middle Grade Holocaust Nonfiction

No moment in history is more horrific than the Holocaust of World War II. When the Titanic sunk, women and children were saved first. During the Holocaust, they were killed first. Some of these books provide darker details of the Holocaust than others. I have listed them in order from least to most disturbing. Hana’s… Continue reading Middle Grade Holocaust Nonfiction


Revolutionary War Nonfiction

Most of us learned our history from dry, boring textbooks, and pretty much can't remember any of it. One of the most well respected children's nonfiction authors, Steve Sheinkin, admits to being one of those boring textbook writers. He's made amends, and two of his books appear on this list. Some will leave you laughing.… Continue reading Revolutionary War Nonfiction