Middle Grade Scary Books

Some kids just love a great scare, so I’m always on the lookout for books about haunted houses, ghosts and creepy characters who lurk. Mary Downing Hahn and Dan Poblocki have become the staples in this genre, but with the popularity of series, Grabenstein and Carman are definitely worth reading.  These books are my favorites.

Middle Grade Dog Stories

If you have a dog, he’s probably your best friend. You’ll do anything for him. He’ll do anything for you. Dog stories tend to be tear jerkers. When you nearly lose your dog, it’s devastating. These are some of the best books for dog lovers.

Mini Makers

All elementary school librarians have been there. You’re preoccupied with the checkout procedure and all Hell breaks loose. The attention-seeking, impulsive kid has found some recruits for a quick lesson in Boredom Prevention 101. Of course, they’re the kids who never return their library books so have nothing to do for the 15 minutes of … More Mini Makers

The New Nonfiction

You’ve finally made peace with the fact that the nonfiction section is the official No Man’s Land in your school. I know. It hurts. It’s hard to let go of a tradition that spans centuries. It’s hard to acknowledge that those beautiful, big repositories of information are no longer the preferred source for life’s big … More The New Nonfiction