Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction

Survival stories are high drama, high adventure, high entertainment. Everyone, including kids, loves a good survival story. Tod Olson is claiming the space with his Lost series for its easy narration packed with details. Once you've tackled those, get started on the rest of this A-list of real people facing the biggest challenges of their… Continue reading Middle Grade Survival Nonfiction

Realistic Fiction

MG Books That Bridge the Generation Gap

Oh, the wisdom of grandparents. And the idiosyncrasies. And the forgetfulness. We have so much to learn before they pass to the great beyond. This list of books captures the magic that bonds the old and the young. The things they say. The things you'll learn. Don't let these books go unread. Louisiana’s Way Home… Continue reading MG Books That Bridge the Generation Gap


Revolutionary War Nonfiction

Most of us learned our history from dry, boring textbooks, and pretty much can't remember any of it. One of the most well respected children's nonfiction authors, Steve Sheinkin, admits to being one of those boring textbook writers. He's made amends, and two of his books appear on this list. Some will leave you laughing.… Continue reading Revolutionary War Nonfiction


Graphic Novels for Girls

Graphic novels continue to gain in popularity with boys AND girls. Many graphic novels for girls address the challenges of friendships, popularity, and social blunders. Everyone's favorite is Raina Telgemeier with her fun, colorful illustrations. Once all of her books are exhausted, give a few of these others a try. Smile by Raina Telgemeier Telgemeier… Continue reading Graphic Novels for Girls

Realistic Fiction

Middle Grade Stories About Disabilities

Kids have a built-in curiosity about the struggles of other kids. Books are great for developing sympathy and understanding. These books cover many different types of disabilities, both physical and mental, and are very popular. Expect another list of books on this topic within the year. Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper (Cerebral Palsy)… Continue reading Middle Grade Stories About Disabilities